In 2016 I picked up piano after a ~15 years long pause since the last time I had little bit of training. Playing on my own at first, then I fell in love and got more serious. It’s a high mountain to climb, but the view is splendid. 路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索。

In December 2017 I picked up photography. I’ve always had keen eyes on views around me, and loved taking photos with my phone, so I thought why not give myself a camera as my own graduation gift.

Started working as a software engineer in 2018. It’s been a fun journey working with brilliant minds.

I always have a desire to get away from any boxes or labels that could trap me. Probably none of the pianist/photographer/engineer labels can really define me. I’m more of a traveller, an adventurer in life, collecting gems along the way.

After all, life is full of gems, quietly sparkling like the Milky Way hanging above us, eternally there, but hidden from plain sight until that one clear night, deep in the woods away from the city lights when you really, really see them. Once you’ve seen the Milky Way, how can you unsee that beauty? Knowing that gets me through the mundaneness in life. Knowing that something magnificent is out there.

The best camera or keyboard is our eyes and ears, hearts and souls, to hear music and see the beauty, to feel it and then do the hard work to articulate and express it.